The Original
Birds Eye Shaft
The Eye Shaft

In late 1955, I started playing the game of Billiards. When I was around 12,
I began doing house cues and service work for a  local  pool hall for my table time.
I started building cues about 1965. I have spent most of my life making cues.
I now build about 30 to 40 cues a year.   My cues are hand made with no computer aids.

All  work and inlays are hand laid.
The weight is in front of your grip area.
With the weight distributed in this fashion it pulls
the cue through the stroke area.
This allows you to hit the ball with less power,
and have  much more control.
Teague Custom cues

I have had multiple surgeries this last year.
I apologise for the delays in my service, I am still
not at my full strength, but I am getting stronger
each day now. I thank all of my customers that
have been waiting for there cues, I will be getting
all of your items to you.
Dale Teague
Teague Custom Cues
a subsidiary of
Arizona Accessories
Birds eye
shaft sale

I will be starting a new batch of shafts this
month, they should be ready for sale around the
middle of April.

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Birds eye
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